Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Guess what. Finished the 3rd sem already!
:O how fast time passes by.
and senarai tampal already displaying 4 results out of 7 subjects.
so far its ok.. :)

one memorable so-called-event :)
Abah and Mak went to Johor to take me home.
last saturday, my he arranged so that our parents can have dinner together.
and Alhamdulillah, it went well. :)
mmg segan lah dengan ibunya xD
although he looked calm when talk to abah and mak.
but me? i'm trying. :D

now at home. relaxing for 3 weeks.


hope everYthinG goeS well. Insha Allah. :)



haz|rah said...

wow wow wow..
nampaknya xlama lagi ada berita gumbira.. hahah..

nAzurAh said...

haaa :p insha Allah,klau ada rezeki weh.. xD