Saturday, November 24, 2012



I'm losing my passion in studies. oh noooo,
but i still love going to classes. only the assignments that bothers me.
talking about classes, i love the way Dr Ismail teaches Measurement.
although there was one time he was angry at Amy and me.
but nevermind, that's the memory we would tell our children n grandchildren in the future, insyaAllah.
:p look everything in a positive way!

so there was one time he said
"Tunjukkan kesungguhan dalam apa jua yang anda lakukan"
i think by that he meant that although u didnt like to do some things, but atleast,
show a little of effort in that work.

he said this after he told a story about his niece.
his sister held the wedding which involves a huge cost.
so he told us that
"Ingat, bukan sekarang yang penting. Yang penting kehidupan kamu selepas ini"
which means segala bagai meriah untuk majlis prkahwinan tu x menentukan kbahagiaan.,
but more important is how u manage your rumahtangga nanti.

he is right. and he told that the percentage of divorce among Malay people is high, etc..
it is scary but all we could do is pray for the best and
hope that someday we could manage our own marriage well,insyaAllah.
while putting some effort ofcourse :)


my he, the problems you faces now will determine who you're in the future.
stay strong and i will try my best to support you.


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