Sunday, December 9, 2007

sUper jUnior stUff

For Super Junior's fans, here are the lists of things that you can get from a store at the Times Square..

Phone sack (put phone in it) - RM15.90
Poster - each RM3.00, buy 4 get RM10.00
Bookmark - RM3.90
2nd Album 'A' CD (get poster, photobook) - RM90
Suju KRY album - RM70
Attack on The Pin-Up Boys(get maaaaany things other than the DVD/VCD i cant remember..sorry) - RM200++
Sticker (many SuJu's pic) - RM3
Photobook - RM59.90
Phone keychain (4 SuJu members only ) - RM3.90
Phone keychain (all of SuJu members. so cutee!) - RM20


phone sack
they just print out SuJu members picture on it.. when i look at it..i think its a waste to buy..

it is big! there are many choices.. i wanna buy it..later..

not all SuJu member on it..

2nd album
that auntie at the store said, SuJu's 2nd album has 4(A,B,C and D).. the different between them is like the B have 3 more songs than A(dun have idea what she's talking about).. and the free merchandise we can get from buying the A,B,C or D package.. like u buy B, u'll get DVD and photobook.. each package u'll get different things.. but all of them has the same price, each RM90. u must order first,u'll get later because there are not many who buy it..

Attack on the pin up boys
its not really expensive because u'll get many other things such as their photobook, pictures, and more than 5 things..

i think the contents are all in korean language..but looking at the cover of this book, u wanna buy it although u dont understand korean!!

phone keychain
the one with the 4 SuJu members picture. there are 4 different members or u can get one of the SuJu's member with 4 varies pics.

phone keychain
the one with all SuJu members. the length is sooooooo long,the pictures are small but cute and we get to see clearly their faces,though.. the one with the cartoon character are also cute!!

p/s : i bought mousepad but it spells wrong (Super Jnuior)..sigh.. but other things are ok..there are many suju's things were sold the necklace which similar to the one hankyung's wearing.. there are also fan-but not all of SuJu members pic on it.. yaa,the disadvantage buying from this shop is sometimes not all of them in the pictures.. and i hope the store got licence to sell those korean artists stuff.. but who cares, i just want SuJu's stuff.. :p

Thanx for reading!! ^_^

visit . read . enjoy


Anonymous said...

i live in illinois and i dont travel so there is no way for me to get the stuff. but i was wondering how much is it for the key chain with all of the super junior? also who is/are ut fav. member?

cooljl101 said...

how much is it for the stickers? n do they cell phone chain/charm?

casself said...

OMG! i'm from Singapore.. i think i went to the Times Square mall with my family on holiday last 2 years... I never spotted these stuffs!! OMG! How dare I??! and the hotel we stayed at that point of time was facing towards Times Square. I should have walk around more...! my family dragged me to the indoor theme park [i forgot the name. heh!] with those scary rides!

rainbow skit, said...

hello2..hi jumping blog..
hoyyeaa find another elf ..i'm from malaysia too maa.

oo its really hard for me to find suju stuff here, n i'm sure when i go back to malaysia..for sure i'm going to buy those thing !!

nice to meet you..elf

vhe said...

u r indonesian rite?i lived in surabaya and i want to know how to buy your stuff..and wahat is RM?

Anonymous said...


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