Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum. :D
it has been a while. okay. it has been 6 months since i updated this blog.
it is already the end of..the 5th semester in my Degree years.
have to go to industrial training for the next semester and thennnn 1 more year to go!
time flies so fast, isnt it?

Senarai tampal is what UTM served for the students, bfore the actual results come out.
so i've seen mine. and Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat2 i've improved my results!
:D how can i thanked Him. Walaupun diri ni banyak kekurangan dan kesalahan, juga dosa.. tapi Dia tak pernah berkira untuk beri rezeki pada hambaNya.. :')
hope to improve my deeds towards Him..

urm..things are going smoothly.happy. around me :)
Alhamdulillah for this too.
hope we can go for the next stage.
In shaa Allah.

Despite all the happiness, there is one news that make me feel sad.
A mother to my best friend, Natalia, has passed away.
I feel the sadness as I knew her well. she knew me too.
Lets pray and sedekah Al Fatihah for her.
Moga dia berada di kalangan orang2 beriman.
In shaa Allah.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

what i need..


Things are a bit complicated lately.
What i need to develop is trust.
It is there,but sometimes there are negative sides that change the strength of the trust.
What should i do?
trying,and trying although failed each time.
hope you have the patience.

Uhh.hate this feeling.
sometimes i dont even feel it.
but sometimes it came to my mind.


to a person out there.
there are thousands of personalities in you.
which makes you different from the others.
although they see you as a happy person
but they did not know that you can be sweet, you can be strict, you can be funny, you can be respectful to the family.
what they see .. is different from what i know.
i believe mine.

In Sha Allah everything is going to be just fine. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


wow it seems i only post when i finished a semester.

well this time is 2 months ++ holiday.
family said i dont have to work.
so, just working at home, doing houseworks. :D

erm..along the is a bit hard but okay..
many assignments as usual..
no pain, no gain, right?
so you have to undergo hardships in order to achieve your goals..
thus, bear it with all your might..

things are going a bit worrisome, as people kept saying things about me and my he.
i know they are concern about me.
but..yea maybe those are only their opinion.
they keep telling me not to trust him.
and stay away before its too late.

my bestfriend said to trust him, as i knew him more than others.
thank you pal. :)
what i could say is, we dont even know what will happen in the future.
we have to prepare and tawakkal for it.
and pray, pray for the best..

despite of all that, we are happy. xD

kaklong went to Umrah. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.
saw the pictures and wondering, will I even have a chance to reach there?
InshaAllah.. *hoping*

okay, til then! will bring more good news, InshaAllah.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Guess what. Finished the 3rd sem already!
:O how fast time passes by.
and senarai tampal already displaying 4 results out of 7 subjects.
so far its ok.. :)

one memorable so-called-event :)
Abah and Mak went to Johor to take me home.
last saturday, my he arranged so that our parents can have dinner together.
and Alhamdulillah, it went well. :)
mmg segan lah dengan ibunya xD
although he looked calm when talk to abah and mak.
but me? i'm trying. :D

now at home. relaxing for 3 weeks.


hope everYthinG goeS well. Insha Allah. :)


Saturday, November 24, 2012



I'm losing my passion in studies. oh noooo,
but i still love going to classes. only the assignments that bothers me.
talking about classes, i love the way Dr Ismail teaches Measurement.
although there was one time he was angry at Amy and me.
but nevermind, that's the memory we would tell our children n grandchildren in the future, insyaAllah.
:p look everything in a positive way!

so there was one time he said
"Tunjukkan kesungguhan dalam apa jua yang anda lakukan"
i think by that he meant that although u didnt like to do some things, but atleast,
show a little of effort in that work.

he said this after he told a story about his niece.
his sister held the wedding which involves a huge cost.
so he told us that
"Ingat, bukan sekarang yang penting. Yang penting kehidupan kamu selepas ini"
which means segala bagai meriah untuk majlis prkahwinan tu x menentukan kbahagiaan.,
but more important is how u manage your rumahtangga nanti.

he is right. and he told that the percentage of divorce among Malay people is high, etc..
it is scary but all we could do is pray for the best and
hope that someday we could manage our own marriage well,insyaAllah.
while putting some effort ofcourse :)


my he, the problems you faces now will determine who you're in the future.
stay strong and i will try my best to support you.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Soar into The Sun

Hero : Jung Ji Hoon. Rainnnn Bi!!!
recommended movie. yeaa. it was interesting.
sad, touched, happy, funny. all in one.

oh.the no-eyelid eyes.


my he, go and watch! its an action movie.
you'll never be bored like last time xD


Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm sure HE is there

I'm not with you all the time.
But I know who is.

When you feel unprotected.
When you feel unloved.
When you feel scared.
When you feel afraid.
When you feel happy.
When you feel touched.
When you feel glad.

Wherever you are.
Who you are with.
What you are going through at that time.
When is it.

Just raise both of your palm.
And recite Do'a.

Allah SWT is with you all the time.
HE knows whats best for you.